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You Have To Be Willing To Invest In Yourself If You Want To Be Successful In Business 07 October 2010

By: Kevin Thomas

"Stay away from credit cards and invest in yourself", These timeless words by Warren Buffet are the simplest yet most profound words I have seen, which explain why you have to be willing to invest in yourself and develop your own million dollar game plan if you want to be successful in business. I have seen many other quotes from many other respectable mentors, but none as simple yet effective. 

Chasing rainbows, pots of gold and holy grails rarely lead anyone to the kind of success they are truly seeking. These are all external "pipe dreams" and the only true place to find success is within. It is for this reason that the best success mentors tell you to believe in yourself your own abilities and develop your own personal million dollar game plan, trade on your strengths, be persistent and focus for guaranteed success. 

External conditions such as the environment or the circumstances you live in, can either stand in the way of, be responsible for you being successful. Success comes from that powerful tool known as the mind, and this cannot be taken away. 

Daily hardships and overwhelming circumstances bother everyone, even the most successful people on the planet. The answer is to not allow these things to take permanent control of your life; you are the master of your thoughts. So stay on track, invest in yourself and make the most of both your strengths and your weaknesses. Think, eat, speak, breathe believe in success as much as you possibly can. 

Even though the mind is the greatest assets we own, it can also be a liability. It continually requires reassurance, confidence, improvement and building up. If this doesn't happen, "a man", as Abraham Lincoln said, "will not be wiser today than he was yesterday". He got the idea! Wisdom does not come automatically because you are a day older, continual improvement is the key and this is the only way to become successful. 

Knowledge is an incredibly powerful asset, but you can only gain knowledge by investing in yourself. Knowledge makes a big difference between living abundantly or living with lack. If you take a look at the hierarchy of a large corporation, the only difference between the Chief Operating Officer and the person who serves the tea is the lack of knowledge, one knows more than the other, and this is why the COO is in charge of corporate operations, and earns so much more. 

It is not who you know, but what you know which brings success. What you don't know is cause for failure. A good example of this is people who are looking or a promotion but won't take the time to learn about the job they want to be promoted to. If they invested in themselves and learned more, they would more than likely be sure to get that promotion. Successful people know this; a car will not drive if it is not sufficiently fueled! 

About the Author: Kevin Thomas is a 21 year entrepreneur and network marketing coach who is teaching people how to develop the proper mindset for online business success learn more at ""> The Carbon Copy Pro Times 

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